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Key Documents and Links   

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Key Documents
Fact Sheet
Long-Term Surveillance Plan for the U.S. Department of Energy Amchitka, Alaska, Site  
Record of Decision for Amchitka Surface Closure, Alaska
 Biological Monitoring Results
Amchitka Island, Alaska,Biological Monitoring Report 2011 Sampling Results September 2013
Biological Monitoring Results Fact Sheet September 26, 2013
External Links
Additional Amchitka Data, Charts, and Images
Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
Alaska Resources Library and Information Services Database
Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association
Consortium for Risk Evaluation with Stakeholder Participation Amchitka Independent Science Assessment
University of Alaska Fairbanks
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Alaska Region

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 Status of Pending Decision Documents
Long-Term Surveillance and Maintenance Plan Being revised. Due date for revision is September 30, 2013.


All Site Documents

All documents are Adobe Acrobat files. pdf_icon  

 Fact Sheet
Amchitka, Alaska, Site Fact Sheet  March 17, 2015
Assessments and Investigation Reports
Draft Department of Energy 1998 Drill Site Characterization Report Amchitka Island, Alaska September 1999
Site Screening Memorandum Phase II Remedial Investigation Former Amchitka Army Air Base Amchitka Island, Alaska February 1999
Contamination Assessment Report Amchitka Island Aleutian Island, Alaska May 1992
Closure Documents 
Record of Decision for Amchitka Surface Closure, Alaska
August 2008
Amchitka Island Surface Closure Report
DOE/NV-819 Rev. 1
July 2003

Inspection Reports

Amchitka Mud Pit Sites 2011 Post-Closure Monitoring and Inspection Report Amchitka Island, Alaska  
November 2012
Amchitka Mud Pit Sites 2006 Post-Closure Monitoring and Inspection Report Amchitka Island, Alaska
September 2006
 Long-Term Surveillance Plan 
Long-Term Surveillance Plan for the U.S. Department of Energy Amchitka, Alaska
July 2014
Radionuclide Documents 
Hydrologic Processes and Radionuclide Distribution in a Cavity and Chimney Produced by the Cannikin Nuclear Explosion, Amchitka Island, Alaska March 1994
Other Documents 
Subsurface Completion Report for Amchitka Underground Nuclear Test Sites: Long Shot, Milrow, and Cannikin September 2006
Modeling Groundwater Flow and Transport of Radionuclides at Amchitka Island's Underground Nuclear Tests: Milrow, Long Shot, and Cannikin
October 2002
Analysis of Cleanup Alternatives and Supplemental Characterization Data Amchitka Island, Alaska October 2000
Modeling Approach for Amchitka Island April 31, 1998
The Environment of Amchitka Island, Alaska
Bathymetry of Cannikin Lake, Amchitka Island, Alaska, with an Evaluation of Computer-Mapping Techniques October 1974
Amchitka Bioenvironmental Program Bioenvironmental Safety Studies, Amchitka Island, Alaska Cannikin D+2 Month Report June 1972
Amchitka Bioenvironmental Program Amchitka Biological Information Summary  May 1971
SCUBA Techniques Used in Risk Assessment of Possible Nuclear Leakage Around Amchitka Island, Alaska Undated
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