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Site ID (CSD Index Number): NY.38  

Site Name: International Rare Metals Refinery, Inc. 

Site Summary:  

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Alternate Name(s): 

Canadian Radium and Uranium Corporation

Alternate Name Documents: 


Location: 69 Kisco Avenue, Mt. Kisco, New York 

Location Documents: 


Historical Operations (describe contaminants): Manufactured and distributed radium and polonium products.  

Historical Operations Documents: 


Eligibility Determination: Eliminated - No Authority - Site was a commercial operation not under the jurisdiction of DOE predecessor agencies 

Eligibility Determination Documents: 


Radiological Surveys Conducted (List of different Rad Surveys): Yes 

Radiological Surveys Documents: 


Site Status: Eliminated from consideration under FUSRAP 

Site Status Documents: 


LTSM Requirements Text:  

LTSM Requirements: :   


Other Information (Not included on Site Page)  

Designated Name: Not Designated 

Evaluation Year: 1987  

Evaluation Year Documents: 


Radioactive Materials Handled: Yes 

Radioactive Materials Handled Documents: 


Primary Radioactive Materials Handled: Radium, Polonium 

Primary Radioactive Materials Handled Documents: 




Last Updated: 8/5/2016