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Planning, Budget and Acquisition  

 The Office of Legacy Management’s (LM) Planning, Budget and Acquisition (PBA) Team performs the following management functions:

  • Plans, develops, and implements improvements in efficiencies of business processes and identifies opportunities for reengineering or restructuring. 
  • Plans, develops, and implements strategic planning efforts which include analyzing the organization's annual and long-term goals and the best approach for achieving those goals. 
  • Plans, develops, and implements budget formulation processes to include identifying future spending priorities and assessing the effectiveness of programs. 
  • Plans, develops, and implements processes for budget execution, including day-to-day obligations for agency expenditures, invoices, billing dispute resolution, reconciliation, service-level agreements, and shared expense distributions. 
  • Accounts for assets, liabilities, fund balances, revenues, and expenses associated with the maintenance of U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and Federal funds and expenditure of Federal appropriations (e.g., Salaries and Expenses, Operation and Maintenance, Procurement, Working Capital, Trust Funds) in accordance with applicable Federal regulations.



Barbara McNeal Lloyd
Director, Office of Business Operations


The PBA Team coordinates LM program planning. This entails input into DOE's Strategic Plan and LM’s Strategic Plan. Other planning activities include planning done in response to the Government Performance and Results Act, and operational plans such as five-year plans.

Budget Formulation

The PBA Team manages the formulation of LM’s budget in response to ongoing commitments, emerging requirements, financial targets, and future opportunities. The team is the primary interface between the LM organization and DOE's Chief Financial Officer. They oversee the formation of LM’s Corporate Resource Review and budgetary submissions to the Department, Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the President, and Congress.

Financial Management

The PBA Team executes OMB Circular A-123 and the Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act. The LM internal control program comprises the plans and methods used to meet the missions, goals and objectives. In doing so, it supports performance-based management and serves as the first line of defense in safeguarding assets and preventing and detecting errors and fraud. The PBA Team provides coordination of DOE Inspector General and General Accountability Office audits and reviews.

Budget Execution

The PBA Team executes the LM budget. In response to program requirements, the team uses established systems, processes, and timing relative to the distribution and control of the LM budget. These processes ensure compliance with public law, OMB, and DOE directives throughout budget execution. Overall budget execution activities related to the control and distribution of funds are standard and consist of the following (approximate time frames): call for estimated unobligated carryover (June); call for initial Approved Financial Plans (AFPs) (July); call for mandatory obligation requirements, if required (August); passage of appropriation acts or continuing resolution (September/October); submission of initial apportionment requests for unobligated carryover and/or new appropriations (August); base table issuance (quarterly); AFPs and Advice of Allotment issuance (monthly); process reprogramming, restructuring, or appropriation transfer requests (as required); and process rescissions and/or deferrals (as required).


The PBA Team coordinates the acquisition of assets and entities to assist LM in carrying out its program mission. PBA serves as the reviewer and coordinator for LM programs to acquire assets and services required to achieve program goals. The primary interface is with the Office of Procurement Services, where contracting authority resides. The PBA Team utilizes established procurement procedures to ensure compliance with DOE Acquisition Regulations. The PBA Team makes extensive use of DOE’s acquisition systems such as the Strategic Integrated Procurement Enterprise System (STRIPES). 
Last Updated: 3/23/2013