Preserving the past, preparing for the future: A broad perspective on long-term stewardship

August 20–24, 2018

Two Rivers Convention Center
Grand Junction, Colorado

The conference will provide technical information, education, and networking opportunities for representatives from government agencies, regulatory agencies, political offices, tribal groups, and other stakeholders involved in long-term stewardship (LTS) of remediated sites and facilities. LTS includes activities necessary to protect human health and the environment following cleanup and disposal of radioactive and chemical wastes.

This forum is intended for participants interested in presentations and discussions about LTS issues including:

  • Planning for LTS during remediation
  • Site transition
  • Using technology for successful LTS
  • Property management issues
  • Institutional controls
  • Political and stakeholder perspectives
  • Regulatory issues, information management, and accessibility
  • Renewable energy initiatives
  • International perspective

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