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Ashtabula, Ohio, Site
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ashtabula2013 The Ashtabula, Ohio, Site is a 42.5-acre, privately owned site adjacent to the city of Ashtabula, about 55 miles east of Cleveland. From 1962 to 1988 Reactive Metals, Inc. (RMI) operated a facility on the property that manufactured metallic uranium tubes and rods and experimental quantities of thorium metal for use in the Hanford, Washington; and Savannah River, South Carolina, weapons program reactors. RMI also extruded depleted uranium and nonradioactive materials, primarily copper-based, for the private sector. The site has been decontaminated and released for unrestricted use. Responsibility for maintaining records for the Ashtabula site was transferred to DOE’s Office of Legacy Management in 2010. The site requires records management and stakeholder support.  For more information about the Ashtabula site, view the fact sheet.

Last Updated: 12/12/2017