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Key Documents
Fact Sheet

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  Fact Sheet  
Center for Energy and Environment Research, Puerto Rico, Sites Fact Sheet
Other Documents
Facility Description and Historical Background undated
NRC Licenses for the First Floor Biomedical Building August 19, 1982
Inspection Report for CEER (Mayaguez Site) September 26, 1996
CEER Memorandum of Agreement July 19, 1996
Letter: University of Puerto Rico Nuclear Regulatory Commission License July 1, 1996
NEPA CX for Asbestos Abatement Activities (Mayaguez Site) June 27, 1996
Agreement Between AEC and Dept. of Agriculture (Mayaguez, Puerto Rico) September 5, 1995
Meeting Regarding Closeout of UPR Contracts August 18, 1988
Surplus Facilities Management Program, Radiological Survey (Rio Piedras Site) June 15–25, 1982
Agreement with Department of Agriculture and ERDA August 17, 1977


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