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FUSRAP Considered Sites

Site: American Brass Co (CT.01 )

Eliminated from consideration under FUSRAP

Designated Name:Not Designated 
Alternate Name: Anaconda Company Brass Division
Location: 414 Meadow Street , Waterbury , Connecticut  CT.01-1
Evaluation Year: 1986 CT.01-2
Site Operations: Limited work with copper clad uranium billets during the 1950s.  CT.01-1
Site Disposition: Eliminated - Potential for contamination considered remote based upon the limited scope of activities at the site  CT.01-2
Radioactive Materials Handled: Yes 
Primary Radioactive Materials Handled: Uranium  CT.01-3
Radiological Survey(s): Yes - health and safety monitoring during operations only  CT.01-3
Site Status: Eliminated from consideration under FUSRAP  

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Documents Related to American Brass Co
  1. CT.01-1 - ERDA Memorandum; Thornton to Kennedy; Subject: ERDA Resurvey Program - American Brass, Waterbury, Connecticut; March 7, 1977
  2. CT.01-2 - DOE Letter; DeLaney to Drubner; Subject: Elimination of the Former American Brass Company Site from Consideration Under FUSRAP; March 7, 1986
  3. CT.01-3 - AEC Memorandum; Glauberman to Breslin; Subject: Survey at American Brass Company, Waterbury, Connecticut; December 2, 1959
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