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FUSRAP Considered Sites

Bayo Canyon, NM

Bayo Canyon Area
Bayo Canyon (TA-10) Site
Location: Canyon in the Pajarito Plateau Region in Los Alamos County, Los Alamos, NM NM.01-3
Historical Operations: Used in 1944–1961 by the MED and later AEC at Los Alamos National Laboratory as a firing site for conventional and high-explosives experiments involving natural and depleted uranium, strontium, and lanthanum as a radiation source for blast diagnosis.  NM.01-3
Eligibility Determination: Eligible   NM.01-1
Assessment Survey NM.01-3
Site Status: Certified- Certification Basis  NM.01-5
Long-Term Care Requirements: Long-Term Surveillance and Maintenance Plan for Completed FUSRAP Sites S14490_LTSM

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Documents Related to Bayo Canyon, NM
  1. Bayo Canyon Site Aerial Photograph
  2. FACT SHEET This fact sheet provides information about the Bayo Canyon, New Mexico, Site.
  3. NM.01-1 - DOE Memorandum from Frangos (EV-13) to Meyers (NE-90); Notification of Need for Some form of Remedial Action in Bayo Canyon, Los Alamos, New Mexico; February 7, 1980
  4. NM.01-11 - Letter, R.L. Rudolph to E.L. Keller, September 23, 1983, "Bayo Canyon Restrictive Covenants"
  5. NM.01-2 - Los Alamos National Laboratory Report (LA-9252-MS); Environmental Analysis of the Bayo Canyon (TA) Site, Los Alamos, New Mexico; issued May 1982
  6. NM.01-3 - DOE Final Report (DOE/EV-0005/15); FUSRAP Radiological Survey of the Bayo Canyon, Los Alamos, New Mexico; June 1979
  7. NM.01-4 - DOE Report (DOE/EA--0197) Environmental Assessment, FUSRAP: Bayo Canyon, New Mexico; July 1982
  8. NM.01-5 - Draft DOE Certification Docket for the Bayo Canyon Site, Los Alamos, NM; December 1983
  9. NM.01-6 - DOE Report; Final Report on Remedial Action at the Bayo Canyon Site, Los Alamos, New Mexico; August 2003
  10. NM.01-8 - ZIA and Professional Land Surveying Preconstruction Meeting. August 13, 1982.
  11. NM.01-9 - Letter, R.L. Copper to G. Dawson. September 10, 1982. Required items for Purchase Contract 14501-01/04-PC-19.
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