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FUSRAP Considered Sites

Beverly, MA

Metal Hydrides, Inc.
Ventron Corporation
Location: Congress Street, Beverly, Massachusetts MA.04-4
Historical Operations: Provided uranium metal production under contract with MED. Thorium and radium contamination occurred from non-MED operations.  MA.04-6
Eligibility Determination: Eligible   MA.04-1
Assessment Survey, Verification Survey MA.04-4
Site Status: Certified- Certification Basis, Federal Register Notice included  MA.04-5
Long-Term Care Requirements: Long-Term Surveillance and Maintenance Plan for Completed FUSRAP Sites S14490_LTSM

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Documents Related to Beverly, MA
  1. Beverly Site Aerial Photograph
  2. FACT SHEET This fact sheet provides information about the Beverly, Massachusetts, Site. This site is managed by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Legacy Management.
  3. MA.04-1 - DOE Memorandum; Voigt to LaGrone; Subject: Designation of Sites for Remedial Action - Metal Hydrides, Beverly MA, Bridgeport Brass, Adrian, MI, and Seymour, CT; National Guard Armory, Chicago, IL; December 17, 1985
  4. MA.04-2 - MED Memorandum; Kelley to the Files; Subject: Contract No. W--7405 eng-8 with Metal Hydrides Incorporated; November 1, 1945
  5. MA.04-3 - DOE Memorandum; Fiore to Lytle; Disposal of Offsite-Generated Defense Radioactive Waste, Ventron FUSRAP Site; August 19, 1987
  6. MA.04-4 - DOE Report (ORNL/TM-10053); Results of the Radiological Survey at the Ventron Site, Beverly, Massachusetts; May 1988
  7. MA.04-5 - DOE Letter; Pena to Cohen; Subject: Transfer of FUSRAP Sites from DOE to US Army COE; October10, 1997. Attachment: FUSRAP Current, Currently Known Potential New Sites and Completed Sites.
  8. MA.04-6 - DOE Report; Certification Docket for the Remedial Action Performed at the Ventron Site in Beverly, Massachusetts, March 2003
  9. MA.04-7 - DOE Report; Post Remedial Action Report for the Remedial Action at the Ventron Site, Beverly, Massachusetts; March 2003
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