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FUSRAP Considered Sites

Site: Brush Beryllium Co. (OH.02)

Eliminated from further consideration under FUSRAP

Designated Name:Not Designated 
Alternate Name: None

Location: 4201 Perkins Avenue and 3714 Chester Street (two locations) , Cleveland , Ohio  OH.02-1
Evaluation Year: 1985 OH.02-2
Site Operations: Performed thorium rod extrusion activities in the 1950s.  OH.02-3
Site Disposition: Eliminated - Radiation levels below criteria  OH.02-1
Radioactive Materials Handled: Yes 
Primary Radioactive Materials Handled: Thorium  OH.02-3
Radiological Survey(s): Yes - Preliminary Survey OH.02-1
Site Status: Eliminated from further consideration under FUSRAP  

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Documents Related to Brush Beryllium Co.
  1. OH.02-1 - ERDA Memorandum; Bauer to Hollister; Subject: Resurvey Program - Brush Beryllium Company; July 1, 1977
  2. OH.02-2 - DOE Report; FUSRAP Elimination Report for the Former Brush Beryllium Company, Cleveland, Ohio; November 14, 1985
  3. OH.02-3 - AEC Memorandum; Hershman to Smith; Subject: Transmittal of Monthly Progress Report for December; December 22, 1952. Attachment: Tonawanda Area Progress Report December 1952, Summary.
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