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FUSRAP Considered Sites

Site: Brush Beryllium Co. - Lorain (OH.47 )

Eliminated from consideration under FUSRAP

Designated Name:Not Designated 
Alternate Name: None

Location: 1st Street and Hamilton Avenue , Lorain , Ohio  OH.47-1
Evaluation Year: 1987  OH.47-1
Site Operations: Production of beryllium metal and compounds, such as beryllium fluoride; used isotopes in the separation of zirconium and hafnium. OH.47-1
Site Disposition: Eliminated - Potential for contamination considered remote based on limited operations and quantities of material handled  OH.47-1
Radioactive Materials Handled: Yes 
Primary Radioactive Materials Handled: Zirconium  OH.47-1
Radiological Survey(s): No  
Site Status: Eliminated from consideration under FUSRAP  

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  1. OH.47-1 - Memorandum/Checklist; Young to File; Subject: Brush Beryllium Company; December 8, 1987
  2. OH.47-2 - MED memo; Chipman to Cooper; Subject: Brush Beryllium Company; August 19, 1943
  3. OH.47-3 - U.S. AEC Press Release No. 17; Subject: Production of beryllium metals and compounds by Magnesium Reduction Plant; April 12, 1949
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