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Site: Combustion Engineering, CT (CT.03 )

Cleanup in progress by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Designated Name:Combustion Engineering 
Alternate Name: CE Site
Asea Brown Boveri
S1C Prototype
Location: 1000 Prospect Hill Road, Windsor, Connecticut CT.03-2
Evaluation Year: 1994 CT.03-1
Site Operations: Used natural, enriched, and highly enriched uranium to make fuel assemblies for the AEC. CT.03-3
Site Disposition: Eligible CT.03-1
Radioactive Materials Handled: Yes  
Primary Radioactive Materials Handled: Natural Uranium, Enriched and High Enriched Uranium  CT.03-4
Radiological Survey(s): Assessment Surveys, Verification Survey CT.03-5
Site Status: Cleanup in progress by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  CT.03-8
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Documents Related to Combustion Engineering, CT
  1. CT.03-1 - DOE Memorandum; Wagoner to Price; Subject: Authorization for Remedial Action at the Combustion Engineering Site, Windsor, Connecticut; June 30, 1994
  2. CT.03-2 - DOE Letter; Williams to Bell; Subject; Radiological Survey Property Access Agreement; August 17, 1993
  3. CT.03-3 - DOE Memorandum; Williams to the File; Subject: Authority Determination -- Combustion Engineering Site, Windsor, Connecticut; June 20, 1994. Attachment: Authority Review for Combustion Engineering, Windsor Connecticut.
  4. CT.03-4 - AEC Letter; Nussbaumer to Shippenberg; Subject: Nuclear Material License SNM-551 as renewed; August 9, 1965. Attachment: U.S. AEC Special Nuclear Material License SNM-551, as renewed; August 9, 1965
  5. CT.03-5 - DOE Report (ORAU 89/E-93); Follow-Up Confirmatory Radiological Survey of the Drum Storage Area Combustion Engineering Property Windsor, Connecticut; May 1989
  6. CT.03-6 - DOE Report; (ORISE 94/D-63); Designation Survey Combustion Engineering Site Windsor, Connecticut; April 1994
  7. CT.03-7 - DOE Report (ORISE 96/G-17); Designation Survey Addendum Report Combustion Engineering Site Windsor, Connecticut; July 1996
  8. CT.03-8 - DOE Letter; Pena to Cohen; Transfer of FUSRAP Sites from the Department of Energy to the United States Army Corps of Engineers; October 10, 1997
  9. CT.03-9 - FUSRAP Update U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Vol. 2, No.1, April 2004; pg. 3
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