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Site: Dayton Project Units 3 & 4 (OH.07 )

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (FUSRAP) - No Further Action

Designated Name:Not Designated 
Alternate Name: Monsanto Units III and IV
Unit III - Board of Education Maintenance Facility
Unit IV - Runnymede Playhouse
Location: Unit III - 1601 W. First Street Unit IV - Runnymede Road and Dixon Avenue , Dayton , Ohio  OH.07-4
Evaluation Year: 1987 
Site Operations: October 1943 to mid-1950 - AEC conducted research and manufactured Polonium by lead dioxide and bismuth processes OH.07-4
Site Disposition: Eliminated - radiation levels below criteria. OH.07-9
Radioactive Materials Handled: Yes 
Primary Radioactive Materials Handled: Polonium OH.07-1
Radiological Survey(s): Yes OH.07-1
Site Status: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (FUSRAP) - No Further Action  OH.07-8

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