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FUSRAP Considered Sites

Site: Fenn Machinery Co. (CT.11 )

Eliminated from consideration under FUSRAP

Designated Name:Not Designated 
Alternate Name: None

Location: New Britain , Connecticut  CT.11-1
Evaluation Year: 1987 CT.11-1
Site Operations: Performed short-term tests on small quantities of uranium metal to explore potential for swaging, circa mid-1950 CT.11-1
Site Disposition: Eliminated - Potential for contamination considered remote due to limited scope of activities and relatively small quantities of radioactive material used  CT.11-1
Radioactive Materials Handled: Yes 
Primary Radioactive Materials Handled: Uranium  CT.11-3
Radiological Survey(s): None Indicated  
Site Status: Eliminated from consideration under FUSRAP  CT.11-2

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Documents Related to Fenn Machinery Co.
  1. CT.11-1 - DOE Memorandum/Checklist; C. Young to File; Subject: Elimination Recommendation; November 9, 1987
  2. CT.11-2 - DOE Letter; J. Wagoner to Mayor R. Mortemsem; Subject: Information regarding Fenn Mfg. Site; December 2, 1994
  3. CT.11-3 - US AEC Letter; R. Smith to D. Sturges; Subject: Uranium Fabrication; November 8, 1950
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