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FUSRAP Considered Sites

Iowa Army Ammunition Plant, IA

Burlington Ordnance Plant
Iowa Ordnance Plant
Silas Mason Company
Location: Located in Township 70 North, Range 3 West, Section 32, 5th Principal Meridian, Des Moines County, Burlington, Iowa IA.02-1
Historical Operations: Assembled nuclear weapons, primarily high explosive components and conducted explosives testing using the high explosive components and depleted uranium. AEC and ERDA operations conducted under permit from the Department of the Army.  IA.02-3
Eligibility Determination: Eligible  IA.02-5
Assessment Survey IA.02-2
Site Status: Cleanup pending by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  IA.02-6
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Long-Term Care Requirements: To be determined upon completion.

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Documents Related to Iowa Army Ammunition Plant, IA
  1. IA.02-1 - Department of the Army Permit No. DA-25-066-ENG-11073 to use property on Iowa Army Ammunition Plant, Iowa, signed by M. Webb, Director of Industrial Programs; 30 September 1963; with Amendment No. 1
  2. IA.02-2 - ORNL Report (ORNL/TM-2000/305); Results of the Indoor Radiological Survey of the Iowa Army Ammunition Plant, Middletown, Iowa; Draft Issued - November 2000
  3. IA.02-3 - DOE Letter, Fiore to Schafer (ODASD for Installations); referring DOD sites for consideration; May 29,1987
  4. IA.02-4 - ERDA Letter (Albuquerque Operations Office) from Roeder to Leahy; Radioactive Contamination Clearance Report for the Burlington ERDA Facility; April 9, 1975
  5. IA.02-5 - DOE Letter; Fiore to Van Winkle (COE); concerning eligibility for inclusion in FUSRAP; March 31, 2000
  6. IA.02-6 - FUSRAP Update U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Vol. 2, No.1, April 2004; pg. 3
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