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FUSRAP Considered Sites

Site: Iowa State University Ames Laboratory (IA.01 )

Eliminated from further consideration under FUSRAP

Designated Name:Not Designated 
Alternate Name: None

Location: Wallace Road , Ames , Iowa  IA.01-1
Evaluation Year: Circa 1985  IA.01-3
Site Operations: Produced uranium and thorium metal, recovered uranium scrap, and conducted studies and experimental investigations in connection with chemistry and metallurgy of natural uranium and its allied forms. IA.01-1
Site Disposition: Eliminated - Referred to Chicago Operations Office for appropriate action IA.01-6
Radioactive Materials Handled: Yes  
Primary Radioactive Materials Handled: Uranium, Thorium IA.01-1
Radiological Survey(s): Yes  IA.01-8
Site Status: Eliminated from further consideration under FUSRAP  

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Documents Related to Iowa State University Ames Laboratory
  1. IA.01-1 - Aerospace Letter; Wallo to DeLaney; Subject: Authority Review for MED Operations Conducted at Ames Laboratory; May 22, 1986 and attachments
  2. IA.01-2 - DOE Letter; Shipp to Mott; Subject: Interim Overview/Certification Activities Report for the Ames Laboratory Research Reactor Facility, Ames, Iowa; March 9, 1981
  3. IA.01-3 - Aerospace Letter; Young to Wallo; Subject: Status of Actions - FUSRAP Site List; May 27, 1987
  4. IA.01-4 - AEC Memorandum; Termini to File; Subject: Production of Thorium Metal: Ames Process for Reducing ThCl4 with Magnesium
  5. IA.01-5 - AEC Memorandum to the File; Subject: Uranium contained in the Iowa State College dump; October 3, 1945
  6. IA.01-6 - Aerospace Report; FUSRAP Site Investigation and Remedial Action Summary Report; December 31, 1987; Section 3, Page 21
  7. IA.01-7 - Contract No. OEMsr-433; Contract b/t the Exec. Secretary, Office of Scientific R&D in the Office of Emgcy. Mgmt., and Iowa State College; Subject: Conduct studies and experimental investigation in connection with chemical & metallurgical Subjects; June 1, 1942
  8. IA.01-8 - Report; Patterson to Office of Operational Safety, Department of Energy; Subject: Final Radiological Condition of the Ames Laboratory Research Reactor Facility Ames, Iowa; March 29, 1985
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