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Jersey City, NJ

Kellex Laboratory
Jersey City Laboratory
Vitro Corporation of America
Pierpont Property
M.W. Kellogg Site
Location: New Jersey Route 440 and Kellogg Street, Jersey City, New Jersey NJ.07-5
Historical Operations: Conducted research and development for MED and AEC on gaseous diffusion process for uranium enrichment using uranium hexaflouride and solvent extraction process for uranium recovery from ores. Also conducted solvent extraction of uranium and other byproducts from waste. Processes resulted in contamination of uranium, radium, and thorium.  NJ.07-3
Eligibility Determination:  
Assessment Survey, Verification Survey NJ.07-4
Site Status: Certified - Certification Basis  NJ.07-5
Long-Term Care Requirements: Long-Term Surveillance and Maintenance Plan for Completed FUSRAP Sites S14490_LTSM

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Documents Related to Jersey City, NJ
  1. FACT SHEET This fact sheet provides information about the Jersey City, New Jersey, Site. This site is managed by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Legacy Management.
  2. Jersey City, New Jersey, Aerial Photograph
  3. NJ.07-1 - DOE Letter; Hardison to Cosolito et.al.; Subject: Radiological Characterization of the Kellex Site - Pierpont Property; July 23, 1981
  4. NJ.07-2 - State of New Jersey DEP Letter; Fisher to Little; Subject: Status of former M.W. Kellog Site (Kellex); December 21, 1978
  5. NJ.07-3 - Prospectus on Uranium Center Operation; The Kellex Corporation; February 1, 1951
  6. NJ.07-4 - DOE Report (DOE/EV-0005/29 and ORNL-5734); Radiological Survey of the Former Kellex Research Facility, Jersey City, New Jersey; February 1982
  7. NJ.07-5 - DOE Report; Certification Docket for the Former Kellex Corporation, Jersey City, New Jersey; undated
  8. NJ.07-6 - DOE Letter; Mott to Stern (NEPA Affairs Division); Subject: Environmental Impact Evaluation and Engineering Plan for the Remedial Action at the Former Kellex Laboratory, Jersey City, New Jersey; June 28, 1979
  9. NJ.07-7 - DOE-ORNL Letter; Kaye to ORO (Attention: Keller); Subject: FUSRAP - Post Decontamination Radiological Survey of a portion of the Former Kellex Laboratory Site, Jersey City, New Jersey
  10. NJ.07-8 - Berven, B.A., et al, Results of the Post-Remedial Action Survey of Arease 4 through 10 at the Former Kellex Site, in Jersey City, New Jersey, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (March 1983).
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