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Luckey, OH

Brush Beryllium Company - Luckey
Beryllium Production Facility
Diamond Magnesium Company
Brush Wellman
Motor Wheel Corporation Site
Location: 21200 Luckey Road, Luckey, Ohio OH.18-5
Historical Operations: Purification, fabrication, and production of beryllium material and products. Conducted studies and other work with beryllium, zirconium, and thorium.  OH.18-4
Eligibility Determination: Eligible  OH.18-1
Assessment Survey OH.18-4
Site Status: Cleanup in progress by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  OH.18-11
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Long-Term Care Requirements: To be determined upon completion.

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Documents Related to Luckey, OH
  1. OH.18-1 - DOE Memorandum; Whitfield to Manager (DOE-ORO); Subject: Authorization for Remedial Action at the Former Beryllium Production Facility in Luckey, Ohio; October 8, 1992
  2. OH.18-10 - AEC Memorandum; Velten to Smith; Subject: Study of Possible Relocation of Cleveland Facilities; December 27, 1950
  3. OH.18-11 - DOE Letter; Pena to Cohen; Subject: Transfer of FUSRAP Responsibility from DOE to USACE, October 10, 1997. Enclosure: List of FUSRAP Current Sites, Currently Known Potential New Sites, and Completed Sites.
  4. OH.18-2 - DOE Memorandum; Wagoner to Price (OR); Subject: Authorization for Remedial Action at the Former Beryllium Production Facility in Luckey, Ohio; September 25, 1992
  5. OH.18-3 - AEC Memorandum; Malone to Smith; Subject: Monthly Progress Report for January; January 24, 1952
  6. OH.18-4 - ORNL Report (ORNL/TM-11182); Results of the Preliminary Survey at the Former Diamond Magnesium Company Site, Luckey, Ohio; February 1990
  7. OH.18-5 - DOE Memorandum; Williams to File; Subject: Authority Determination -- Former Beryllium Production Facility in Luckey, Ohio; February 6, 1991
  8. OH.18-6 - Letter; Powers (Brush Wellman) to Crane; Subject: Contractual Historical Information; January 12, 1983
  9. OH.18-7 - AEC Contract; Contract No. AT(30-1)-510; AEC with Brush Beryllium Company; Research, Development, and Production; November 1, 1949
  10. OH.18-8 - AEC Contract; Contract No. AT(30-1)-541; AEC with Brush Beryllium Company; Design, Construction and Operation of a Beryllium Plant and Other Activities; September 12, 1949
  11. OH.18-9 - Report; Background Review of the Brush Beryllium and Diamond Magnesium Plants in Luckey, Ohio; October 27, 1989
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