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FUSRAP Considered Sites

Middlesex Sampling Plant, NJ


Location: Mountain Avenue, Middlesex, New Jersey NJ.04-2
Historical Operations: Processed and stored domestic and foreign ores containing uranium, thorium, and berryllium.  NJ.04-4
Eligibility Determination: Eligible  NJ.04-1
Assessment Surveys NJ.04-6
Site Status: Cleanup in progress by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  NJ.04-11
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Long-Term Care Requirements: To be determined upon completion.

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Documents Related to Middlesex Sampling Plant, NJ
  1. NJ.04-1 - DOE Memorandum; Greenleigh to Snyder; Subject: Legal Opinion - Authority to Decontaminate the Middlesex Municipal Landfill Site, Middlesex, New Jersey; May 30, 1980
  2. NJ.04-10 - DOE Report (DOE/OR/20722-27(Vol.1-3)); Final Report on Phase II Remedial Action at the Former Middlesex Sampling Plant and Associated Properties Middlesex, New Jersey; April 1985.
  3. NJ.04-11 - DOE Letter; Pena to Cohen; Transfer of FUSRAP Sites from the Department of Energy to the United States Army Corps of Engineers; October 10, 1997
  4. NJ.04-12 - USACOE Fact Sheet - Middlesex Sampling Plant (MSP), Middlesex, New Jersey, January 2004
  5. NJ.04-2 - AEC Letter; Sapirie to Whelan; Subject Middlesex Sampling Plant Property Transference to the Department of the Navy; January 20, 1969
  6. NJ.04-3 - DOE Memorandum; Coffman to File; Subject: Action Description Memorandum (ADM) Review: Proposed 1984 Remedial Actions at Middlesex, New Jersey; September 7, 1984
  7. NJ.04-4 - NLO Report (NLCO-733); The History of the Middlesex Sampling Plant; February, 1958
  8. NJ.04-5 - AEC Memorandum; Consiglio to Gustavson; Transfer of Middlesex Inventory of SF Materials; May 13, 1954
  9. NJ.04-6 - EG&G Survey Report (NE-F-003); An A May 1978 Aerial Radiological Survey of an Area Surrounding the Former Middlesex Sampling Plant in Middlesex, New Jersey; February 1983
  10. NJ.04-7 - ORNL Report (ORNL-5489); Radon and Radon Daughter Measurements at and near the Former Middlesex Sampling Plant, Middlesex, New Jersey; March 1980
  11. NJ.04-8 - ORNL Report (ORNL-5680); Radiological Surveys of Properties in the Middlesex, New Jersey, Area; March 1981
  12. NJ.04-9 - DOE Report (DOE/OR/20722-20); Radiological Survey Report for the Former Middlesex Sampling Plant Middlesex, New Jersey; March 1985
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