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Staten Island Warehouse, NY

Archer-Daniels Midland Company
Location: 2393 Richmond Terrace, Port Richmond, New York NY.22-2
Historical Operations: Stored pitchblende (high-grade uranium ore), which was purchased by the MED for the first atomic bomb.  NY.22-3
Eligibility Determination: Eligible 
Assessment Survey NY.22-5
Site Status: Referred by DOE, evaluation in progess by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. USACE Website
Long-Term Care Requirements: To be determined upon completion.

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Documents Related to Staten Island Warehouse, NY
  1. NY.22-1 - MED Trip Report Summary; Authors: Ruhoff (Corps of Engineers) and Geddes (Stone & Webster); Subject: Trip to New York; September 17, 1942
  2. NY.22-2 - Property Access Consent Form to Perform Radiological Survey; Rosenberg to DOE; June 18, 1980
  3. NY.22-3 - DOE Letter; DeLaney to Scaramella; Subject: Information regarding Elimination of the Staten Island Warehouse from FUSRAP Consideration; June 16, 1986
  4. NY.22-4 - Aerospace Letter; Vierzba to Whitman; Subject: Authority Review for the Former Staten Island Warehouse; August 20, 1985. Attachment: Authority Review: The Former Staten Island Warehouse (Archer Daniels Midland Company) Port Richmond, New York; Circa 1985
  5. NY.22-5 - DOE Report (ORNL); Preliminary Radiological Survey Report of the Former Staten Island Warehouse Site (Archer-Daniels Midland Company) at Port Richmond, New York; October 1980
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