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 Fernald Preserve, Ohio  

BioBlitz 2011


Despite the rain on the first day, over 120 people participated in Fernald Preserve’s BioBlitz on June 10 and 11. The 24-hour species inventory was designed to expand the site’s biological database. Over 450 species were identified during the 24-hour period, far surpassing the 344 species identified in the 2009 BioBlitz. Newly discovered species included a northern map turtle, several ferns, and a number of fungi.

During the BioBlitz, scientists and other subject matter experts from a number of scientific fields led families, students, and members of the public on searches for amphibians, birds, byrophytes, fish, fungi, insects, macro-invertebrates, mammals, reptiles, spiders, and vascular plants. The data collected by the participants helped to document the site’s biodiversity and also exposed members of the general public to the methods involved in conducting field research.

“It was encouraging to see the interest and enthusiasm displayed by the younger participants at this year’s BioBlitz in particular,” said Jane Powell, Fernald Preserve Site Manager. “Hopefully scientific exploration will be a lifelong passion for these students, and I’m confident that the subject matter experts who volunteered for this event appreciated their keenness as well.”
For more information on the Fernald Preserve BioBlitz, contact us at (513) 648-6000, or by email.

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