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Fernald Preserve Community Meeting Room Application

Seated Occupancy: 120 theater seating, 80 classroom seating, 40 conference room seating

 Fernald Preserve Program Shelter Application

Seated Occupancy: 58 at standard outside tables

(Restrooms are in the adjacent Visitors Center, kitchen is not included with the shelter reservation.)

 Fernald Preserve Resource Room Application

Seated Occupancy: 8 at conference table


Indicate which facility/ies you are requesting:


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Note: The contact person is responsible for supervising the group and must be present at all times.

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Check equipment requested: (Complete for Community Meeting Room only)

If you require set-up other than conference seating with tables, please call the Visitors Center at (513) 648-3330.



 Notice: you will receive an electronic or phone confirmation that your application has been received; however, the request is not officially booked until it goes through our approval process that may take up to 2 weeks.  

By completing and submitting this Community Meeting Room/Program Shelter, Resource Room Application, the requester affirms they have read the Community Meeting Room, Program Shelter, Resource Room, and Staff Program/Speaker Policies and agree to all policies and terms of use.

I acknowledge that I have read and agree to your policy.

Submit electronically or mail this application to: Donna Metzler
Fernald Preserve
10995 Hamilton-Cleves Highway
Harrison, OH 45030
Phone: (513) 648-3330
Email: fernald@lm.doe.gov

The Fernald Preserve Visitors Center is located at 7400 Willey Road, Hamilton, OH  45013. 

Thank you for your submission of the Community Meeting Room/Program Shelter, Resource Room Application!