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Remote Access

Citrix Access - General
Select your primary location listed below for Citrix access to Microsoft Office applications and your home directory.

From the Citrix interface, open the East or West folder, then click the MS Office folder to open Microsoft applications. For access to your home directory, select the East or West folder, then select the Utilities folder to access the Windows Explorer icon.

Fernald Preserve, Ohio   Pinellas, Florida
Grand Junction, Colorado   Rocky Flats, Colorado
Monticello, Utah   Tuba City, Arizona
Morgantown, West Virginia   Washington, D.C.*
     Weldon Spring, Missouri
* This link will work only from the Forrestal Building for access to the LM XenApp/Citrix utility

Citrix Access - Applications (East)
Application names with a star next to them are only available from internal network.
To access applications: 

CHRIS - Corporate Human Resource Information System
(Federal Application folder)

Employee Self Serve - This site enables DOE employees to view their own payroll, personal, and training information and update certain information via the Internet. Currently, employees are able to update the following information online: home address, emergency contacts, education, license and certification information, voluntary allotments, federal and state tax withholdings, paycheck direct deposit, locator information, and their Thrift Savings Plan. Employees can also complete and submit an automated Individual Development Plan. 
(Federal Application folder)

eOPF - Electronic Official Personnel File (Federal Application folder)
JAMIS Visual - Jamis Financial System (Database Application folder)
PODATA - Purchase Order Reporting System (Database Application folder)

STRIPES - Strategic Integrated Procurement Enterprise Systems
(Federal Application folder)

VIAS - Oak Ridge Financial Service Center Vendor Invoice Approval System (Federal Application folder)

From the Citrix interface, select the Citrix East folder,
then select the folder name (shown in italics) to access the application.

Citrix East

Citrix Access - Applications (West)
To access applications:

CFR 851 - CFR Issue-Tracking Database (Database Application folder)
Data Val - Data Entry Application for Qualifying Chemistry Results
(Database Application folder)
GIS - Geographical Information System (ArcGIS -- Concurrent folder)
LM Contacts Database  - Contacts Database for All of LM
(Database Application folder)
SEEPro - Site Environmental Evaluation for Project
(Database Applications folder)

Click the Citrix West button below to access these applications.
From the Citrix interface, select the Citrix West folder,
then select the folder name (shown in italics) to access the application.

Citrix West  

Quick Links
DOE HQ Remote Access (CITRIX) - Provides Citrix access to HQ/EITS applications. (mydesktop.doe.gov)

Access to Cisco AnyConnect (VPN)
For LM-Owned Equipment Only

To gain access to either Secure East or Secure West
Click Start > All Programs> Cisco folder > Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client folder > Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility icon

Instruction Document - How to Access and Use Cisco VPN Client PDF

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Last Updated: 7/13/2017