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Administrative Record (AR) Help

Two methods of searching are available within the AR collections.

Normal Search: This method allows searching by document number, name, date, and other key fields. All searches use wildcards, so use simple terms when searching. "Year review" will yield all variations including "Five Year Review," "5 Year Review," and "Five-Year Review."

Full Text Search: This method searches the full contents of the documents and typically returns more results. Maps, images, and older or hand-written documents may be difficult to find with this search method.   

Site-Specific Assistance       

  • Fernald, Ohio, Site: Please contact the Fernald Preserve records staff at (513) 648-3106, or by email, for assistance searching for a Fernald document in the Administrative Record.
  • Monticello, Utah, Disposal and Processing Sites: Indexes of CERCLA documents are available for Monticello Operable Units I, II and Monticello Operable Unit III

For FUSRAP site-specific assistance, please contact FUSRAP Public Affairs at (720) 377-9672 or by email.

Recommended Adobe Acrobat Settings PDF

It is recommended that your Adobe Acrobat/Reader Internet preferences be set to "Fast Web View." This allows the beginning of the document to display while the remainder of the file is being downloaded. Visit the support section on the Adobe website exit_disc for directions on updating this setting in your specific browser.

Last Updated: 3/15/2018