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Goal 2: Yucca Mountain Transition Progress – Congressional Interest 

Yucca Mountain TransitionThe Office of Legacy Management (LM) was assigned responsibility for the Yucca Mountain Project (YMP) records, information systems, and the Licensing Support Network (LSN) with the closure of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management (RW) on October 1, 2010. LM’s commitment to preserve, protect, and share YMP legacy records and information was recently communicated in a DOE report to Congress. The report highlighted several key points.

DOE has taken numerous steps to preserve the YMP information and ensure that, while there would be some delay, it could resume the licensing proceeding if ordered, provided Congress appropriated funding. As an integral part of planning for the termination of RW, senior DOE management worked with LM to develop comprehensive and systematic plans for transitioning, archiving, and preserving the records, information systems, and scientific knowledge from the YMP previously managed by RW.

These plans are designed to ensure: (1) preservation of the information and electronic systems for storing and retrieving the information, (2) conformity to regulatory requirements for preservation of Federal records, and (3) compliance with applicable Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) regulations and Atomic Safety and Licensing Board orders in the Yucca Mountain licensing proceeding.

LM has preserved the LSN collection of some 3.6 million documents and over 30 million pages relevant to the Yucca Mountain licensing proceeding. LM kept the LSN participant website compliant and accessible via NRC’s LSN Internet portal until NRC shut down the portal on August 5, 2011, due to funding constraints. An electronic copy of the DOE LSN collection previously available through the LSN portal is maintained at the LM Business Center (LMBC) in Morgantown, West Virginia. Additionally, an electronic copy has also been provided to the NRC and other parties to the Yucca Mountain licensing preceding that have requested a copy.

Yucca Mountain Transition2In addition to the LSN, LM has preserved the YMP Records Information System (RIS); and other information systems previously operated by RW and its contractors. LM completed processing YMP records into the RIS and has moved the hardware, as well as software, for the RIS to the LMBC. Beyond the LSN and RIS, LM has successfully consolidated and moved more than 20 other former YMP information systems from Las Vegas, Nevada, to the LMBC for preservation. Other YMP information systems are being preserved by Sandia National Laboratories.

To date, the LMBC has responded successfully to over 210 routine requests for information from DOE Federal and contractor employees. Members of the public may file requests for documents under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). These requests will be responded to in accordance with DOE’s FOIA procedures.

This corresponds to Goal 2 of LM's Goals—
Preserve, protect, and share records and information.
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Last Updated: 4/17/2012