2015 Wetland Photopoint Monitoring

The following maps show the locations that were monitored during 2015.

Below each map is a list of photopoints (PP#) for these locations.  Click on the PP# to view the photos from that photopoint.

Click on any photo to enlarge that photo.

(The numbers on the maps and in parentheses next to each listed location below the maps correspond to the 2015 sample location GIS # referred to in the text, tables, and figures of the report.)

A-3 Wetland (98a, 98b, 99, 100)  PP620    PP623    PP624

PLF (101, 102)  PP626    PP627    PP629

WALPOC (94, 95)    PP616    PP617

WOMPOC (96, 97)    PP618   PP619

GS10 (103a, 103b, 104)    PP637    PP638