2016 Annual Ecology Report

for the Rocky Flats Site


Ecology DVD 1

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(NOTE: If reports will not open as .pdf files when clicking on hyperlinks go to Windows Explorer and open the directory on the

DVD called: \2016 Annual Report.  Then open the various folders and double-click on the .pdf files you want to view.)


2016 Annual Report Information

2016 Annual Report

Rocky Flats Vascular Flora List – sorted by family (2016)

Rocky Flats Vascular Flora List – sorted by speccode (2016)

Example Wetland Delineation and Wetland Qualitative Revegetation Evaluation Form

Wetland Mitigation Monitoring Data Sheets (2016)

Wetland Monitoring Weed Survey Forms (2016)

2016 Photopoint Monitoring

Closure Revegetation Locations

Post-Closure Revegetation Locations

Wetland Mitigation Locations

Game Camera Video

Elk Video