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This webpage contains historic information and is not being updated.
See the Fernald Preserve webpage for current site information.

About Fernald


North facing view of Fernald changes to the Conceptual Post Remediation Plan

6924-1B and 6924-1C

Move your mouse across the photo and see the North facing view of Fernald change to the Conceptual Post Remediation Plan.

The Fernald Closure Project is a former uranium processing facility located in southwest Ohio undergoing environmental remediation. complete story
Link to History of Fernald page History of the Fernald Site
Uranium metal production to environmental remediation. history
Link to U.S. DOE U.S. Department of Energy
Responsible for the cleanup and final restoration of the Fernald site. DOE

  Fluor History at the Fernald site

Fluor Fernald
Cleanup contractor of the Fernald site since 1992. fluor

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Together, DOE and Fluor Fernald were committed to safely restoring the 
Fernald site to an end state that serves the needs of the community.