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This webpage contains historic information and is not being updated.
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Aquifer Restoration & Wastewater Project

Fernald's Advanced Wastewater Treatment facility has a design capacity to treat 2,900 gallons per minute and operates 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Work Scope  

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Remediate contaminated portions (approximately 225 acres) of the Great Miami Aquifer, one of the largest sole-source aquifers in the nation

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Treat storm water and wastewater resulting from site remediation activities

Cleanup Remedy

bullet item Record of Decision signed January 1996
bullet item Restore impacted portions of the aquifer by treating extracted groundwater
bullet item Treat site remediation wastewater and storm water
bullet item Maintain comprehensive sitewide environmental monitoring program
bullet item Meet EPA groundwater cleanup standard of 30 ppb total uranium

Status (as of 7/06)

bullet item Project - 51 percent complete
bullet item Extracted more than 19.2 billion gallons of aquifer water
bullet item Treated more than 11.9 billion gallons of water
bullet item Removed more than 7,500 pounds of uranium from aquifer

2006 Strategy
bullet item Designed and constructed a Converted Advanced Wastewater Treatment facility to serve the site's long-term groundwater treatment and aquifer restoration needs

For More Information
For specific questions about this project contact
Sue Walpole, S.M. Stoller, at 513-648-4026, e-mail: Sue.Walpole@lm.doe.gov. 

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Together, DOE and Fluor Fernald were committed to safely restoring the 
Fernald site to an end state that serves the needs of the community.