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Silos 1 and 2 Project


Work Scope

bullet item Remove 8,900 cubic yards of high activity low-level waste from two concrete silos
bullet item Chemically stabilize waste and ship off site for disposal

Cleanup Remedy

bullet item Record of Decision signed in December 1994
bullet item Record of Decision Amendment for Operable Unit 4 Silos 1 and 2 Remedial Action Approved in July 2000
bullet item Use hydraulic mining and transfer to storage tanks
bullet item Blend waste with flyash and concrete to reduce leachability and decrease moisture content, package and ship off site for disposal


bullet item Facility design/build COMPLETE
bullet item Accelerated Waste Retrieval COMPLETE
bullet item Awarded $7.5 million waste storage contract to Waste Control Specialist (WCS) in Texas which is now pursuing a permanent disposal license.*
bullet item Silos 1 and 2 Waste Treatment - COMPLETE
  -  Produced nearly 3,784 steel canisters of treated waste
  -  11 month waste stabilization and packaging operation
  -  12 month, 5 million mile shipping campaign to WCS
bullet item Safe shutdown and demolition - COMPLETE
* On May 22, 2007, the USEPA granted an extension that will allow the Silos 1 and 2 waste to remain in interim storage until October 31, 2009, and give WCS additional time to obtain a license for permanent disposal.

Project Completion - 2006

For More Information
For specific questions about this project contact
Sue Walpole, S.M. Stoller,
at (513) 648-4026, e-mail: Sue.Walpole@lm.doe.gov. 

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Together, DOE and Fluor Fernald were committed to safely restoring the 
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