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Nuclear Materials Disposition

Completed disposition of 31 million pounds of nuclear product.   (7368D-503).

Work Scope

bullet item Characterize, package
and ship nuclear
materials off-site
Uranium core animation


bullet item Project - COMPLETE
bullet item Dispositioned 31 million pounds of nuclear product through:
  - Transfer to other DOE sites for programmatic use
  - Sale to private sector
  - Transfer 9.1 million net pounds to Portsmouth Facility for interim storage     under DOE’s Uranium Facility Management Group
  - Off-site disposal of Department of Defense materials

Project Completion - 2002

For More Information
For specific questions about this project contact
Sue Walpole, S.M. Stoller, at 513-648-4026, e-mail: Sue.Walpole@lm.doe.gov. 

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Together, DOE and Fluor Fernald were committed to safely restoring the 
Fernald site to an end state that serves the needs of the community.