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Waste Management Project


Work Scope

bullet item Characterize, visually inspect, sample, package and dispose of  low-level radioactive, hazardous and mixed waste site inventories Waste drum animation
bullet item Provide site-wide support for waste planning and off-site shipping
bullet item Emphasize waste minimization, recycling or reuse wherever practical


bullet item Project - COMPLETE
bullet item Shipped 6.6 million cubic feet low-level waste to the Nevada Test Site
bullet item Shipped 174,912 gallons low-level liquid mixed waste off site for incineration
  Shipped 59,147 cubic feet low-level mixed waste off site for treatment
bullet item Transferred 595,266 cubic feet low-level waste to WPP
bullet item Transferred 792,510 cubic feet low-level waste to OSDF

Project Completed - 2005

For More Information
For specific questions about this project contact
Sue Walpole, S. M. Stoller, at 513-648-4026, e-mail: Sue.Walpole@lm.doe.gov. 

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Together, DOE and Fluor Fernald were committed to safely restoring the 
Fernald site to an end state that serves the needs of the community.